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Rust Grip®-E- (Epoxy) same as Moist Metal Grip except with added metallics for toughness and heat.Learn More >

SP Seal Coat- single component water-based coating used as a top coat over Super Therm®, HPC® Coating, or other base materials to seal the surface for moisture protection. It remains flexible and is resistant to mold and mildew.Learn More >

SP HT Metal Sealer- single component water-based coating using specific ceramic fiber loads to prevent corrosion and CUI for application directly on high heat metal surfaces at temperatures of 392 to 1112 degrees F. The coating must be applied while the surface is hot to achieve dry down and full curing.Learn More >

Enamo Grip 5000- two component polyester high solids coating for protection against vapors, acid rain, and other harsh chemical environments while giving a car-like finish and UV protection. Can withstand Skydrol® hydraulic fluids used in aircraft when applied to flooring. Available in clear and custom colors.Learn More >

SP Seal Coat HT- single-component water-based coating used as a top coat over HPC® Coating or other base materials to seal the surface for high heat temperatures up to 500 degrees F and for moisture protection. It remains flexible and is resistant to cycle water sprays.Learn More >

SP Wood Box Paint- single component water-based coating made for wood. Applied directly to the wood surface without primer with tannin blockers to resist bleed through and IR blockers for long term weathering and radiation protection.Learn More >

Super Base- single component water-based coating used over roofing as a base coat before applying Super Therm®. Used to fill and seal cracks and breaks in the roof substrate. Must have some pitch on the roof and no ponding areasLearn More >

SP Liquid Membrane®- single component true rubber coating sprayed or rolled to offer water protection and provide flexibility over surfaces that move by expansion and contraction – roofs, pipes, etc.Learn More >

Rust Grip®- single component urethane formula applied directly to rust or blasted metal surfaces. 6780 psi surface tensile strength. Pull test results in the field and lab average 1200 psi and in the field over blasted surface at 2200 psi. Extremely tough, anchors itself inside the pores of the metal surface or surface rust to block moisture and air from developing corrosion. Simple to use and extremely effective against all corrosive environments. Applied only to completely dry surfaces.Learn More >

Moist Metal Grip- two component epoxy formula for corrosion control over condensating or wet surfaces of any kind. Moist Metal Grip can be applied by brush or roller to force the coating into the surface pores, to replace the moisture or water, and to lock down and prevent the combination of moisture and air to allow corrosion to exist or continue. Available in clear, white, and custom colors.Learn More >