HPC®-HT is a two-part hybrid silicone/solvent resin (Part B is flammable) and (Part A is water-based resins) using specific ceramic compound loads for application directly over surface temps of 250°C (482°F) and up to 600°C (1112°F). It was designed to block and hold the interior temperature on the surface and reduce heat transfer loss to ambient.

After Part A and Part B are blended together, HPC®-HT Coating offers a ‘green’, nonflammable, non-toxic formula for high-heat surface applications. HPC®-HT is easily applied, and can be sprayed direct to metal, concrete and other high-temperature surfaces up to 600°C.


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Product Chemistry Silicon Based
Volume Solids 84%
VOC Level 200 g/L, 1.67 lbs./gal.
Dry Time (at 400-650°F) 20 minutes per coat
Cures By Evaporation on hot surfaces

Typical Uses

1. As the high-temp insulation coat for surfaces greater than 250°C, over hot pipes, tanks, and valves
2. To hold heat on the surface of the pipe, valve, etc.
3. As a system to block conductive and convective heat transfer
4. Applied when a hot system cannot be shut down.

Application Methods

CAUTION: Do not expose Part B to open flame as solvent used to allow silicones to blend faster. After Parts A and B are blended, product is non-flammable for use in spraying direct to hot surfaces reaching 650°C

For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the HPC®-HT Coating Application Instruction Sheet. If HPC®-HT is applied over hot exterior surfaces, and can be over-coated, Super Therm®, Rust Grip®, Enamo Grip or HPC system top coat can be used according to what is needed.

HPC®-HT must be completely dry before applying top coat. HPC® Multi-Mesh Membrane System or high-temp mesh can be used on hot pipes when continuous cycles cause movement, and where continuous impact caused by workers handling the hot pipe is unavoidable.

Resources & Downloads

HPC®-HT Coating Product Documents