Wood Box Paint is a one-component coating that combines a high performance acrylic with IR- and UV-blocking ceramics in a water-borne formulation. The coating is designed using a high quality, breathable elastomeric resin system for long life and weathering, and is used to coat wooden work boxes in desert settings. It remains flexible, but tough.

We have three ceramic compounds in the coating:
1) One that matches the size of the IR wave (57% of heat) to block the heat from loading into the wood surface.
2) One that is designed to repel the emissivity off the surface of the coating to eject it back into the ambient air above the surface of the coating film.
3) One that blocks UV and visual light radiation (40% of the heat).
4) One of the main reasons this coating is designed to work over wood is because this resin is designed specifically for wood with tannin blockers. It is designed to block moisture load.

The resin used is designed specifically for wood surfaces and not just a general acrylic that is used in roofing for adherence to all types of surfaces.


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Product Chemistry Ceramic & water based
Volume Solids 37%
VOC Level 67 g/L
Dry Time (at 70˚F) 20-30 minutes to tack free
Full Cure 24 hours with full sun

Typical Uses

As a one-coat system on most properly prepped and dry wood surfaces, raw, damp and unpainted plywood.
NOTE: If weathered, treated or unpainted wood surface, it may require additional thickness.
The uniqueness of this coating is the IR/UV blockers built into the formula to give long-life and to survive in hot desert environments. The ceramic blend blocks the radiation heat load to help prevent resin burn out.

Application Methods

Wood Box Paint can be rolled (3/8-inch nap), brushed or sprayed (airless, 3000 psi, .019-.023 tip). For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the SPI’s application instructions for Wood Box Paint.