Super Base/HS is a one-part water-based acrylic coating that is easily applied without environmental concerns, and used as a base coat for either Super Therm® or Sunshield. Super Base/HS can be used as a base coat to seal tar, asphalt, shingles, rubber, concrete, or wood roofs.


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Product Chemistry Acrylic & water based
Volume Solids 50%
VOC Level 45 g/L, 0.38 lbs/gallon
Dry Time (at 70˚F) 30-60 minutes to tack free
Full Cure 10 days

Typical Uses

1. As a base coat to seal tar roofs, asphalt shingles, rubber roofs, concrete and wood.
2. As an intermediate coat over Mastic Sealing Tape on joints and seams, and around air conditioning units and vents or on any areas where leaks would most likely happen.
3. As a base coat for Super Therm® and Sunshield to fill and seal seams, as well as around penetrations and protrusions.
4. As the first layer of a roofing system, applied at 30 sq ft/gallon.


Super Base/HS can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry and wood. The application can be spray, brush or roller. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the SPI’s application instructions for Super Base/HS. This coating should never be applied at less than 16 mils wet (400 microns), 10 mils dry (250 microns), each coat.

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