SP Seal Coat HT is a single-component hybrid resin, water-based coating using specific ceramic loads for application directly over HPC to seal and face up to 500°F (260°C). It was designed to provide a seal for HPC to block water/moisture absorption and seal the surface. HPC offers a ‘green’, nonflammable, non-toxic formula for surface applications. SP Seal Coat HT is easily applied and can be applied direct to HPC. It will give additional protection for CUI development.


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Product Chemistry Resin, water-based and ceramic
Volume Solids 76.4%
VOC Level 200 g/L, 1.67 lbs./gal.
Dry Time (if 70˚F) May take 24 hours
Cures By Evaporation

Typical Uses

1. As the top coat for HPC. This is one optional top coat but is designed to face high heat.

Surface Preparation

Assure that the surface of HPC is clean from residues, dirt and debris. Mix with SPI’s 6” diameter dispersion blade at a low to medium speed until you achieve a smooth texture.

Application Methods

SP Seal Coat HT must be applied by airless or texture sprayer. SP Seal Coat HT will dry in ambient, or faster if heat is applied.

1. Overspray with a hopper gun can be 15-20% loss and must be factored in. Using a TexSpray 2000, overspray will be less, 10-15%.
* If using airless, 2.5 and up gallon per minute with .035 tip.
* If using hopper gun or TexSpray 2000, use small or medium tip with machine. * Remove all filters from gun.
2. HT is applied 20 mils (0.5mm).
3. Open and stir; has a slight textured
look. 4. Blended silicone which causes a longer ambient dry down.
5. Before overcoating HPC, use moisture gauge and assure it is below 2% moisture inside the HPC before overcoating.

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