Enamo Grip 5000 is a two component polyester high solids coating for protection against vapors, acid rain, and other harsh chemical environments while giving a car-like finish and UV protection. Can withstand Skydrol® hydraulic fluids used in aircraft when applied to flooring. Available in clear and custom colors.


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Product Chemistry Polyester based
Volume Solids 60%
VOC Level 2.79 lbs/gal; 334 g/l
Dry Time (at 70˚F) 30-60 minutes to tack free
Full Cure 15 days

Typical Uses

  • Outstanding alkali resistance and very good acid resistance.
  • For architectural and maintenance solutions.
  • Hardwoods, pretreated metals, primed metals and concrete.
  • Anywhere an acid and alkali resistant topcoat is required.

Application Methods

Enamo Grip 5000 can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry, wood and other porous surfaces. The application can be by brush, roller, or airless sprayer. Enamo Grip 5000 will reach approximately 80% cure within 72 hours of application with the remaining 20% attained over a period of 12-15 days. Recoating within the initial 72 hours should not require any surface preparation. After 72 hours, the surface should be sanded to improve the profile to improve adhesion. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing, and application, please refer to the SPI’s application instructions for Enamo Grip 5000.

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