HPC® Coating is designed to control heat transfer on surface temperatures up to 482°F (250°C). It is water-borne and extremely lightweight in appearance. HPC® Coating uses a special acrylic resin blend with specific ceramic compounds added to provide a non-conductive block against heat transfer. HPC® Coating offers a “Green”, non-flammable, non-toxic formula for high heat surface applications over standard steam pipe or oven wall construction. HPC® Coating is easily applied using a texture sprayer, and can be applied over metal, concrete, wood, and other substrates.

If HPC® Coating is to be applied over flat steel surfaces, see manufacturer for instructions.


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Product Chemistry Acrylic & water based
Volume Solids 72%
VOC Level 25.1 g/L, .209 lbs./gal.
Dry Time (at 200-300˚F) 10-30 minutes per coat
Cures By Evaporation

Typical Uses

1. As an insulation system over hot pipes, tanks, and valves
2. To block heat migration into cold tanks, lines, and valves
3. As a system to block conductive and convective heat
4. Easily applied when a hot system cannot be shut down

Application Methods

HPC® Coating can be used for applications ‘up to’ 482°F (250°C). It must be applied according to Manufacturer’s Application Instructions.

The application is applied using a texture sprayer. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the SPI Application Instruction sheet for HPC® Coating. If HPC® Coating is applied on surfaces outdoors, you must overcoat the HPC with Super Therm®, Rust Grip®, SP Liquid Membrane or Enamo Grip according to what is needed. It cannot be left uncoated and left exposed to weather conditions. It is light-weight to insulate, which leaves it vulnerable to weather conditions. HPC® Coating must be completely dry before applying top coat.

HPC® Multi-Mesh Membrane System is used on hot pipes when continuous cycles cause movement, and where continuous impact caused by workers handling the hot pipe is unavoidable. Apply Multi-Mesh Membrane between layers of Rust Grip, Enamo Grip or Moist Metal Grip for exterior toughness. Multi-Mesh Membrane combined with Rust Grip or Moist Metal Grip forms a hard cast for exterior strength and moisture barrier to protect the HPC system. A final top-coat of SP Liquid Membrane should be added for impact resistance and movement from elongation during heat cycles to avoid stress cracks.

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HPC® Coating Product Line Brochure

HPC® Coating Product Line Brochure

HPC® Coating Product Line Brochure