Case Study on how HPC® COATING Protects and Insulates Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry

Report of product demonstration HPC® COATING (thermal coating) in Temperature conduction pipes, crude storage tank and crude oil flow tank by temperature, Campo Palagua, august 30, 2018.


  • 1- Avoid loss of temperature to the crude plant with water.
  • 2- Avoid losing the normal flow of crude oil due to the loss of temperature.
  • 3- Lower consumption of heat generation. The company UNION TEMPORAL IJP, wants with thermal insulation to lower current costs.

Activities carried out:

• Cleaning and preparation of the surfaces where the HPC® COATING thermal insulation coating.

• Application of the products in Piping temperature, Tank Storage of crude oil and Crude oil tank by temperature.

• Valuation and inspection of the areas where HPC® COATING was applied.

• Final inspection of the HPC® COATING thermal coating detail applied.


  • Deterioration in various areas of pipelines and corrosion.
  • Loss of energy in the areas to intervene.
  • Loss of heat.
  • High consumption of heat generation.

HPC® COATING treated areas

  • Temperature conduction pipes
  • Storage tank of crude oil.
  • Oil flow tank by temperature.


  1. The results of the test were successful and approved by the engineers of UNION TEMPORAL IJP – CAMPO PALAGUA.
  2. The area to be treated is approximately 17,500 meters.
  3. UNION TEMPORAL IJP- CAMPO PALAGUA, urgently requests an economic proposal, including the HPC® COATING and the application service.
  4. We believe we should offer the HPC® COATING conditions given l as temperature variation.
  5. The prices for the economic proposal must be in accordance with the needs of the client and the collaboration of SPI is fundamental.
  6. The equipment for the application of the HPC® COATING should be ideal and necessary the advice of SPI.
  7. The project in this company UNION TEMPORAL IJP- CAMPO PALAGUA , will be the pilot model as an example for other companies in the oil sector (Ecopetrol – Mansarovar – Parex – OXI and others ) .